Celebrity chef Lorraine Pascale reveals she has an eating disorder: 'I spent many years not liking bits of my body'

The celebrity chef has shared her life-long issues with food in candid blog post

Famed for whipping up delicious cakes and various other indulgent sweet treats, celebrity chef Lorraine Pascale has admitted she has been suffering with a "life-long" battle with food. In a candid blog post, the 44-year-old shared her eating disorder troubles with fans. She wrote: "I have spent so many years not liking bits of my body and being that voice within that berates, judges and compares. I have picked on myself physically (and mentally) so much in the past and the result usually is me going to the shops to eat too much of something."

Lorraine Pascale has opened up about her eating disorder troubles

Lorraine, a former model, confessed she has insecurities with her body image, adding: "I spend a minute eating it and then the rest of the weekend/week beating myself up for doing so and feeling [bad] about my body. And so the cycle continues as the beating-up-of-the-self moves me to again 'emotionally eat' for that fleeting moment of feeling better." Despite her struggle with food, the TV star has praised her close friends and family for being there to support her. She added: "I have some stellar friends who have helped me through many times and have found some good counsellors that have encouraged and helped me to locate the strength inside of me towards increased self-acceptance."

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The mother-of-one is well known for presenting Baking Made Easy and Fast, Fresh & Easy Food, as well as appearing on Saturday Kitchen. Lorraine was previously married to Polish musician Count Kaz Balinski-Jundzill for five years. The former couple are parents to 22-year-old daughter Ella Balinska, who is an actress.