Blue singer Antony Costa praised for weight loss transformation

The Blue singer revealed he was 'fat-shamed'

Antony Costa has opened up about his incredible weight loss journey. Appearing on Wednesday's Lorraine, the Blue singer revealed his transformation was spurred on after he was "fat-shamed" earlier this year. "I rarely ever get papped. The one time I did, this guy just took a photo of me in the street and I thought that was it," he told host Christine Lampard. "The next thing I knew, a friend of mine text me and said 'Have you seen this?' I looked and the picture of me online and just though, 'oh my God'."


Antony Costa has been praised for his weight loss transformation

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He added: "I thought to myself, if this is how I am being seen then I need to change it. I want to be fit, active and healthy. I want to get jobs and I want to work. So I had to change." During the ITV show, viewers rushed to praise Anthony's appearance, with one writing: "Very proud of my idol @AntonyCosta. I too have been body shamed before and it's horrible. You're beautiful however you are and you're such a genuine guy." Another said: "Looking good on Lorraine this morning! whats the name of the fitness regime are you following? I need it in my life!" A third post read: "Nice interview on Lorraine this morning, we could do with more people on TV with your outlook on life."

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The 36-year-old, who is back on stage touring with A Judgement in Stone, has used 3D Lipo in a bid to shed some weight. It's a non-surgical procedure which targets specific areas of the body using the machine itself to sculpt the body, reduce cellulite and tighten the skin. Speaking about the procedure, Antony said in a statement: "Before 3D Lipo my confidence was down big time and I absolutely hated the thought of going on stage. Now, thanks to Roy & his team, I feel completely different. My confidence is back up and I'm the happiest I've ever been with my body."