The powers of protein powder

Find out how to get your protein fix

It can be hard to get enough protein into our bodies, especially for vegetarians, who are missing out on the likes of chicken, seafood, and lean beef. But according to various health experts, including dietitian and triathlon coach Marni Sumbal, protein powder is just as effective, if not better!

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The most common type of product is whey protein, which is made from the remains of milk that has been curdled and strained. It may not sound yummy but it can work wonders, especially when mixed into smoothies and shakes or stirred into porridge. PopSugar quizzed Marni on why we should be giving this ingredient more attention.


Whey protein can be an effective way to get the protein you need

As whey protein comes in high on the "bioavailability list," Marni notes that this means that "the body can make use of 100 per cent of the amino acids found in whey protein." Not all forms of protein can be absorbed entirely, as she explains that some boast more amino acids which make them harder to sink in. So, with whey having such a great absorption level, she adds, "We can say that the protein in whey protein goes a long way in terms of its role in the body for muscles, energy, lean muscle mass, bones, etc."

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Whey will also ensure you get your full serving of protein, as other forms aren't actually giving you as much as they may claim to be if they're not fully absorbed. Another benefit to using protein powder is that it's a great alternative to carbohydrates, which release energy immediately whereas protein takes longer to digest and unleash its goodness, making it the perfect choice if you're looking to embark on a longer activity.

Thanks to the slow burn, protein powder will also help aid exercise and weight loss, as you won't feel as hungry after you hit the gym as you would if you simply snacked on carbs beforehand. And we're all aware of the muscles that could potentially come with protein; this nutrient helps burn fat, meaning the work you put into getting trim will really pay off!

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