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We speak to the co-founder of new website

Women can feel dramatically different at certain points throughout their monthly cycle, but we have more control over the effects of PMS than we might think. Website Moody is dedicated to helping women understand their hormones and periods better, offering guidance on how to improve sleep quality, boost low mood, reduce anxiety and improve physical wellbeing through tailored lifestyle and diet advice.

It's a concept we love, so to learn more about the site, we sat down with co-founder Lola Ross. The qualified nutritionist explains why she launched the website, alongside entrepreneur Amy Thomson and journalist Laura Weir, describes the different hormone 'tribes' and offers advice for any women suffering with mood swings…

The inspiration for Moody came from a very personal space…
I was so stressed with work and not sleeping that I was suffering with cortisol (the stress hormone) issues and my period completely stopped. I tried everything and was eventually relieved to find it was a hormonal imbalance. I saw a nutritionist and an endocrinologist and began to manage and understand my hormones – soon my body was better balanced and my periods returned.

Most women, like me, don't comprehend the massive impact that hormones have, so I wanted to give women back the knowledge and power to better understand their moods, hormones and cycles. Shared experiences and more conversations is the starting point for Moody.

There are five tribes of women…
We based these on the most common symptoms and triggers that affect our moods:

Hive – Blood Sugar
The Hive tribe have issues with blood sugar balance, which is related to how we metabolise sugar in our bodies. Benefiting from more support with reducing cravings.

Pride – Detoxification
The Pride tribe often have an overworked liver and this can lead to a whole heap of menstrual related issues like PMS. Benefiting from more support in hormone detoxing.

Pod – Hormone Health
The Pod tribe often suffer from menstrual irregularities and water retention, effecting your daily hormone health. Benefiting from more support in hormone balancing.

Flock – Mood support
The Flock tribe often experience emotional highs and lows throughout the month. Benefiting from more support with levelling those moods.

Charm – Energy support
The Charm tribe are hit most often by fatigue and loss of energy. Benefiting from more support in keeping your energy levels consistent and extra battery power.

If you think you are suffering from mood issues and/or a hormone imbalance…
I suggest doing three things:

1. Talk – the starting point for almost all women is to research online and ask friends. This is a great start, as women have historically brushed off bad moods or apologised for 'being moody', but moods are a key signifier of imbalance.

2. Act – Hormones can be affected by environment, lifestyle, diet, exercise, sleep and stress. Making life changes and changing your routines can help. We do have the power and tools to change those elements in our lives.

3. Experts – if the symptoms and mood issues continue to persist, don't brush it off and live with bad moods, do seek help from experts, like your GP or an Endocrinologist.

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