The best fitness apps you need to download, now

They’re like a gym buddy in your pocket

Carla Challis

There was a time we all turned to workout DVDs to get fit at home – usually presented by our favourite celebrity. Hands up who star-jumped their evenings away with Natalie Cassidy or squatted with Scarlett Moffatt? Those days are long gone now and we’ve all turned to fitness apps to shape up in our living room – or even better, on the go. What’s more, you can even hook some of them up to a heart-rate monitor or fitness tracker to monitor your progress. So thank the lord for your smartphone and choose your favourite fitness app…

Think of new kid on the block Fiit like a boutique gym at home. You can hook this app up to your TV and get access to three types of workouts – Cardio, Strength and Rebalance - led by fitness experts and in-demand trainers like Lottie Murphy, Adrienne Herbert and ex-Love Islander Gabby Allen. There’s even the chance for you to track your performance and compete against others with the Fit Device, a strap worn across your chest.

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Let’s Band
This app features over 650 workouts using a resistance band, an exercise tool that’s just the ticket for adding an extra oomph to your regular fitness routine. The bands are small enough that you can squeeze one into your overnight bag if you’re going away too, so no excuse not to workout in your hotel room.

An oldie but a goodie; if you’ve ever wanted to be a runner but never quite made it, this simple but effective app is for you. It starts you off slow, alternating between a run and a walk with handy beeps to let you know when to change pace, and builds you up to the grand finale, a 5k run.

Movement for Modern Life
When you can’t get to your favourite yoga class or prefer getting your flow on at home, this app has something for every mood and level and a roster of internationally acclaimed yoga teachers. Great for first thing in the morning to wake you up or for post-work, when you’ve been squished up at your desk all day and need to stretch it out.

Want to work out like a Victoria’s Secret model? This app, created by trainer Stephen Pasterino, is dedicated to creating long, lean muscles and targeting those hard-to-reach ones with low-impact training. You can amplify your workouts too with the P.ball, which you use to target the hard-to-reach problem areas.

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Known for being a hyper-personalised training app, Freeletics uses AI to create a bespoke training programme for you, week-by-week, based on your fitness levels and goals. If that’s not for you, it does have a hundreds of workout variations to get you to your fitness goals fast. The workouts are tough HIIT training, but worth it for long-term results.

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