Try this trick and you'll fall asleep in 2 minutes

Yes, really. It has a 96% success rate…

Alice Howarth

Sleep. It's a tricky one.

We all know we need it. We all know that too little can have detrimental effect on health as can too much. We all know that it will help with everything from mental health to skin and productivity as well as weight control but it's one of those things that can be hard to master.

There will be times in life where you drift right off and wake up eight hours later - having not woken up once - feeling like a bionic woman ready for the day ahead but there will also be times, no matter how many sheep you've counted, that you just cannot switch off and therefore lie wide awake fretting that you're lying wide awake.

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Luckily, the sleep trick of the American army has been revealed. Coming from people who have to snooze off in the most challenging of conditions - we're all ears.


Published in 'Relax and Win: Championship Performance', by Llloyd Bud Winter, which is about how athletes relax ahead of competitions, the trick claims you can get to sleep in just two minutes and has a staggering 96% success rate.

The trick involves relaxing, visualising and repeating all in 120 seconds and this is how it works:

Relax the muscles in your face, including the jaw, tongue and those around the eyes

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Let your shoulders drop, and relax both sides of the upper and lower arms

Breathe out, keeping the chest relaxed

Relax both the upper and lower parts of your legs.

Then follow those steps with a visualisation


lying in a canoe on a calm lake with nothing except blue skies circling you.


being snuggled up in a black velvet hammock in a dark room.

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Next you have to repeat this phrase:

Say "don't think, don't think, don't think" for about 10 seconds.

Always worth giving your bed buddy the heads up if you are up for trying the ritual or they might just look a little confused when you start chanting "don't think"...

Will you give it a shot?

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