Catherine Tyldesley shows weight loss after leaving Coronation Street – and shares secret to her success

The actress has been working hard for the last 3 months

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Catherine Tyldesley has shown the hard-earned results of her 12-week fitness programme – and she looks amazing! The former Coronation Street star has been focusing on health and fitness since leaving the soap, and has slimmed down to a healthy size eight through weight training and ditching fad diets in favour of a nutritious balanced diet.

The mum-of-one has been training with Ultimate Performance Fitness in Manchester, the same centre Gemma Atkinson goes to. And as well as helping her to gain confidence (and impressive abs), the plan has helped her to learn more about nutrition, developing habits she wants to pass on to her son Alfie.

Catherine Tyldesley has shed 30kg since she was a teenager

"My meal planning pre-U.P. was pretty much non-existent. Wednesday night was 'spaghetti bolognese night' and that was always in the diary. Saturday night was always 'curry night'. Whereas now we make our own curries and we make our own spaghetti bolognese, again, healthier versions of these," Catherine said in a blog post. "So, I'm much more aware, especially since becoming a mum. I want Alfie to be eating the right things. I feel like U.P. has given me the tools and the knowledge to be able to do that. It’s not rocket science either – it's really straightforward."

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A typical day in Catherine's new diet will see her eat an omelette with wilted spinach, tomatoes and mushrooms for breakfast, and prawns or tuna with broccoli and four brazil nuts after training. Lunch could be a chicken and avocado salad with grilled asparagus, while blueberries or an apple serve as a healthy afternoon snack. Homemade steak burgers with aubergine fries offer a lighter alternative to chips for dinner, and if Catherine fancies a sweet treat, she'll mix some Chocotrients superfood formula into a coconut yoghurt.

The mum-of-one is now a slim size eight

"Years ago, before U.P., I would skip breakfast, and by lunchtime I would be really hungry, so I’d be reaching for more starchy food. A baguette or pasta etc," Catherine said about her eating habits. "Whereas now, I eat every 3-4 hours and I get a bit grumpy if I don’t. As a mum with a toddler, that has been so much better for me. I feel a million times better eating in that way. Also, again, you're not going to binge."

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Catherine has previously spoken openly about her weight, revealing that as a teenager she weighed 95kg and wore size 22 clothes. But she has changed her life through healthy eating and exercise, and has shed 30kg in the process!

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