Weight loss: How BBC's Stephen Nolan lost 3 stone in just 8 weeks

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Alice Howarth

If you've been keeping up with BBC presenter, Stephen Nolan's Twitter feed in recent months you'll have noticed that he has seriously shed the pounds - three stone in just eight weeks to be exact. He has been live updating his followers with his weight journey on Twitter and, we have to admit, the results have been absolutely amazing. The 45-year-old recently posted on the site: "So 8 weeks ago I was a shocking 58inch waist and 20st 8. Today, 8 weeks later, I bought - and am wearing - 38 inch jeans".

He continued: "Still v v fat, but that’s [the] 1st time I’ve bought jeans from a shop in town in many years. Next goal - below 17 stone by end of month."

So, how exactly has the BBC Northern Ireland and BBC Radio 5 Live presenter achieved this amazing weight loss? Well by a series of changes to his lifestyle, that's how. 

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Scroll through his feed and you'll see that he has been making the effort to workout regularly. He typically works out for 60 minutes a session and runs around two miles if his pictures are anything to go by. Like most of us, he freely admits that it's never that fun forcing yourself to exercise but once you have, you always feel much better. One tweet read: "Hitting the running machine. Hate it, but love the energy it gives me after I finish it". 

He has also expressed that he has always struggled with his weight and it's something that stays with him, yet he is persevering which we admire. In another tweet, he wrote: "No matter how much I’ve tried over the last 40 years, I always end up getting fatter. Let’s see this time, though I can still hear the Fatman in my ear, telling me I’ll always be obese."

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The presenter has publicly attempted to lose off in the past. He previously documented his weight loss attempts on TV documentaries Food on the Brain and Biggest Diet in the Country. Back in 2014, he actually lost six stone but struggled to keep it off. 

Well, if his recent attempts are anything to go by, we have no doubt he'll reach his goal of 17 stone by the end of the month. 

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