9 celeb-loved fitness trackers to keep you active during coronavirus

Ruth Langsford, Kelly Brook, Gwyneth Paltrow and more are big fans

Bridie Wilkins

Feeling lethargic during lockdown? The best fitness trackers can monitor everything from your steps to your sleep quality, all the while giving you motivation to keep moving. But which should you go for? Ruth Langsford, Gwyneth Paltrow and more famous faces have all spoken out about the fitness watches they've been relying on to log their health stats during, and who better to take inspiration from than the stars who have tried them? Here's everything you need to know about their buys.

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Ruth Langsford, Fitbit Blaze


Ruth Langsford has been sharing daily updates of her walks during coronavirus lockdown, using her Fitbit Blaze to monitor the number of steps she has taken.

Features: Heart rate monitor, touchscreen display, sleep tracker, exercise tracker with 20 modes, water-resistant, alarm, GPS route tracker.

Price: From £172.39.

Best for: Tech-savvy fitness fans.

fitbit blaze z

Fitbit Blaze, from £172.39, Amazon


Gwyneth Paltrow, Fitbit Inspire HR

gwyneth paltrow fitbit inspire hr z

Who better to take health advice from than Goop founder Gwyneth Paltrow? The star has been seen in several Fitbit styles, but most frequently the Inspire HR watch.

Features: Heart rate monitor, exercise tracker with 15 modes, water-resistant, sleep tracker, touchscreen display, menstrual cycle tracker, five day battery life, swim setting.

Price: £79.99

Best for: Anyone looking for a subtle and non-obtrusive style.


Fitbit Inspire HR, £79.99, Amazon 


Giovanna Fletcher, Apple Watch Series 5


Giovanna Fletcher has stayed dedicated to working out at home since the coronavirus pandemic, and has shared various photos of herself wearing the Apple Watch Series 5.

Features: Siri and GPS connected to iPhone (Series 3 comes directly from the watch), heart rate monitor, bigger than Series 3 touchscreen display, exercise tracker including HIIT-specific monitor and swimming autoset, water-resistant, GPS route tracker, music player, built-in compass, Bluetooth, always-on display option, fall detection, electrocardiogram function (records timing and strength of electrical signals that make the heart beat).

Price: £399

Best for: Close analysis of heartrate when active and idle.

apple watcvh series 5 z

Apple Watch Series 5, £399, John Lewis 


Mindy Kaling, Apple Watch Series 3


Mindy Kaling has worn her Apple Watch Series 3 for years, and first wrote: "I love my Apple Watch. It's the only thing in my life that I don’t mind when it tells me to get off my ass and walk around."


Jenni Falconer has also been training with Apple's Series 3 watch, except the presenter has opted for a white sport band, as opposed to black like Mindy.

Features: Heart rate monitor, touchscreen display, exercise tracker including HIIT-specific monitor and swimming autoset, water-resistant, GPS route tracker, Siri function, music player.

Price: £195

Best for: A more affordable fitness tracker with Apple and phone functions. 

apple watch series 3 z

Apple Watch Series 3, £195, John Lewis


Kelly Brook, Fitbit Charge 3

kely brook fitbit charge 3 z

Kelly Brook's home workout series Fit In 5 features her Fitbit Charge 3 watch, which the star uses to monitor her activity.

Features: Heart rate monitor, exercise tracker with 15 modes, menstrual cycle tracker, water-resistant up to 50m, sleep tracker, seven day battery life, weather app, swim setting.  

Price: £106.49

Best for: A less chunky and lighter update on the Fitbit Charge 2.  

fibit charge 3 z

Fitbit Charge 3, £109.94, Amazon


Kimberley Walsh, Honor Band 5


Kimberley Walsh has been following Joe Wicks' daily PE classes during the coronavirus pandemic, and uses the Honor Band 5.

Features: Heart rate monitor, exercise tracker with 10 modes, GPS route tracker, water-resistant up to 50m, sleep tracker, six day battery life.

Price: £29.99

Best for: Anyone on a budget.

hor band z

Honor Band 5, £29.99, Amazon


Carrie Underwood, Fitbit Charge 4


Carrie Underwood has been wearing her Fitbit Charge 4 for as long as we can remember, providing all the basics for an amateur fitness fan.

Features: Heart rate monitor, exerciser tracker, five day battery life, sleep stages (not a non-stop sleep tracker).

Price: £127.65

Best for: First-time exercise tracking without added nuts and bolts.


Fitbit Charge 4, £127.65, Amazon


Ellie Goulding, Polar Vantage V Titan 

ellie goulding watch z

Ellie Goulding has taken on many an Instagram fitness challenge during lockdown, including the 5k Run For Our Heroes campaign, where she used her Polar Vantage V Titan watch to track her stats. 

Features: Ultra-long battery life, super lightweight titanium case, comprehensive activity, heart rate and sleep tracking.

Price: £519.00

Best for: Seasoned athletes who know their optimum training state and want to keep track of every little detail. 

wach z

Polar Vantage V Titan watch, £519, Polar


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