Beauty with a conscience from M&S

Cruelty free products now available on the high street

From Alicia Silverstone to Pamela Anderson, the list of celebrities who support animal-friendly causes is endless. So they'll be pleased to hear that Marks & Spencer's beauty products are now all animal friendly. There are 1200 products – household as well as beauty – carrying the BUAV logo instore to show they or their ingredients haven't been tested on animals.

So you can clean your face (with BUAV-approved tea tree wipes) as well as your clothes (using lavender laundry liquid) with a clean conscience. Head of the BUVA – British Association for the Abolition of Vivisection – Michelle Thew said: "I'm delighted M&S has taken this step to reassure its customers. It sends out a clear message… that it is possible to respond to that demand [for officially approved ethically aware products] on a national scale."

Michelle is now calling for other retailers to follow suit and clear all animal tested products from the shelves "once and for all". Look out for the BUAV leaping bunny logo on M&S beauty products, from Autograph Eyeshadows and Bronzing Powder, £9.50 and £12 to Ingredients Body Butter and Formula Ultimate Moisturiser, £3.50 and £25.

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