Sharleen works the Winehouse look

Texas singer goes for sexy new image

Now she's gone solo, Texas front-woman Sharleen Spiteri is working a sexy new image with her latest single All The Times I Cried, sporting a sleek mini beehive and dark eyes rimmed with winged eyeliner and false eyelashes to make her look like a Fifties chanteuse.

And now the Amy Winehouse style – normally so fiddly to replicate – is that little bit easier to achieve thanks to Eylure Easi-Lash, £4.95, which allows Amy lovers everywhere to work like a pro.

The specialist tweezers keep the tension on the lash so you can manoeuvre and place the lashes right up close to the natural lash line with a steady hand. The tweezers can even be used to insert individual lashes within the natural lash line without any difficulty.

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