Make your lips as luscious as Angelina's

Make a feature of natural lips with new balm

Even when she doesn't wear any make-up, Angelina Jolie looks out of this world. But she's rarely seen without a shiny balm on her beautiful lips.

We've found a product which helps recreate that luscious sheen which is caring for lips yet without the high-gloss effect of normal cosmetics which makes lips feel sticky. And it only costs £2.99. Nivea Lip Care Light Kiss makes a virtue of its light, airy texture that glides onto lips for a softening, non-tacky finish that leaves lips looking glistening.

Just as important, being as lips have no sebaceous glands to protect them against the drying effect of sun or wind (and we're getting too much of the latter this summer!), the balm contains almond oil and lotus extract to protect, with panthenol, shea butter and vitamin E to nourish. And the formula itself has a high water content to keep dehydrated, cracked lips moisturised.

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