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Complexion perfection: The secrets of powder perfection

Except with the over-60s, powder seems to have lots its way in British beauty routines – many feel it makes make-up look caked-on, which can add on the years. Yet it is still a worthwhile product with several benefits: it helps skin tone look more even and gives a smooth, matte appearance – especially important as the day wears on and oiliness and perspiration take their toll. However, you need to use it correctly to avoid the caked-on look – as Keira Knightley, who often wears powder on the red carpet, would testify. Start by applying it only where skin needs help – across the forehead, down the nose and around the sides only onto the front of the cheeks and onto the chin. You'll need to keep reapplying throughout the day to keep skin looking matte, but no more than three times in all – you don't want it building up. The most important tip, though, is to use blotting tissues first in order to soak up the oil and perspiration onto which the powder will simply stick. And always use a large brush instead of a pad or puff, which will overload your face with product – remember to tap the brush first before applying for the same reason.

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