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Plan ahead for perfect bridal beauty

Plan ahead for perfect bridal beauty

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From Cheryl Cole to Coleen McLoughlin, many brides choose to entrust their bridal make-up to the experts, investing in a professional make-up artist to ensure they look their best. As Kylie's make-up artist Daniel Sandler says: why save £100 or so, when you could regret it every time you look at your wedding photos? However, there are a few things that need bearing in mind when you plan the help you're going to need. *Always have a run-through before the big day to make sure you like the result. *Do it early in the morning – so you can see how the make-up looks in different lights and how it lasts during the day. *Take pictures – to see how it works on film. *Try the dress on with the make-up – the colours of your outfit may make the colours of your make-up look completely different. White can be draining so you may find the make-up needs warming up against a pale frock. *If you're wearing fake or self-tan on the day, wear it for your make-up trial, too. Again, it will make the make-up on top look completely different.

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