Simple suggestions for the perfect makeup

Ask any make-up professional what look you should go for on your big day and they'll invariably say: You want to look like you – just the most beautiful you possibly can. 

Which means no surprises. You don't want to appear unrecognisable to your closest relations, nefer mind your husband-to-be, as you walk up the aisle. Far better to look your best than like a stranger.

If you don't normally wear make-up, that may mean concentrating on creating beautiful skin, glowing radiance and subtle colours. Women who are more adventurous with their make-up might have to tone down their usual shades to go with a traditional bridal outfit. Next to white or cream, vibrant or dark colours can look overblown and draining, fighting with the gown for attention.

Most experts recommend choosing a classic look rather than going for on-trend colours, simply because they'll date your pictures in years to come. Neutrals, nudes, pinks and peaches work best, with a hint of gold or bronze for dark skins.

"Don't make the mistake of thinking pastels, lilacs and white-toned shades look pretty and suit a pale outfit," warns Cate Blanchett's make-up artist, Lisa Eldridge. "They don't emphasise features enough – which you need, with subtlety, when you're wearing a traditional coloured gown. And on dark or black skin, they look positively chalky."

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