Gillian Anderson stays neutral to win friends

Soft colours help actress bloom

Expecting her third child this autumn, Gillian Anderson went for a soft, neutral look that made the most of her blooming beauty at the premiere for How To Lose Friends And Alienate People 

How To Lose Friends And Alienate People, the film of writer Toby Young's troubled time at Vanity Fair magazine in New York, which stars Simon Pegg, is already at the top of the box office charts in the UK. And at the premiere, actress Gillian Anderson went straight to the number-one spot with a soft, neutral look that made the most of her blooming beauty – The X Files star is expecting her third child this autumn.

Gillian had her make-up done by Bobbi Brown's head of artistry for the UK, Paul Herrington. "She has naturally great skin so I just used a sheer coverage foundation to give a very natural, dewy finish," he told us.

Paul chose Luminous Moisturizing Foundation, £26, from the Bobbi Brown range, topped with Washed Rose Shimmer Blush, £16, stroked lightly on the apples of the cheeks and up towards the ears to highlight her cheekbones. Worn too high, blush can be a little ageing, making the skin look florid and also attracting attention to lines around the eye sockets.

And to bring out those fabulous peepers, Paul used Black Long Wear Gel Liner, £13.50, blended in with Charcoal Eye Shadow, £14, a beautiful smudged look that makes eye colour pop while also helping the whites look brighter.

"A smoky liner around the lash line helped define Gillian's eyes and make them stand out," Paul confirms.

Beige Lip Gloss, £13, brought the whole look to life, lifting Gillian's complexion and making sure the smudged colours and neutral palette didn't look too flat – matte lips, particularly when colours are vivid, with a subtle make-up look can make skin appear dry and therefore older than it needs to look.

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