Beauty routines get a touch of tradition

Vintage isn't just for wardrobes…

In such straitened times, it's comforting to feel a touch of olde-worlde charm in our lives. But vintage clothes – as favoured by Kate Moss, who uses them for inspiration for her TopShop collection and Victoria Beckham, who has been known to dress in vintage couture – can leave a hefty dent in already bruised budgets, whereas a little bit of retro glamour on the dressing table could prove an inexpensive treat that will cheer up the most strained of faces.

And that's exactly what we've got with the new, limited-edition Vintage Collection from Bourjois, which we totally love. The brand's famous Little Round Pots – tiny tubs of densely pigmented, beautiful colour for eyes and cheeks – are now available with retro designs that reflect their heritage (they've been around since 1863!).

Five of Bourjois' best-selling eyeshadow colours and three of the most popular blushers – at £5.75 and £6.25 respectively – will be available through November and December only, with the cutest designs from the end of the 19th and early 20th centuries.

There's 'Babette', a Louise Brooks-bobbed profile from the 1920s, which adorns the Blanc Diaphane shade of shadow, an illuminator to be dabbed under brow arches to open up the eye area or even on cheekbones; an Art Nouveau design from the 1900s that decorates the Marron Glace eyeshadow, which complements blue and green eyes thanks to a slightly red base that boosts the intensity of the iris; and Ashes of Roses, a design that was first seen on a line of Bourjois perfumes in 1911 and now covers Rose Frisson blusher, which creates an instant healthy glow on the cheeks but which can also be swept over lids, too.

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