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A gorgeous smile: Zap a coldsore in seconds

It's an old wives' remedy, but it seems to work for us – at least until the pharmacy opens. When you feel the telltale tingling of a coldsore erupting, stick an icecube straight on to the affected skin for a few seconds (make sure it's melted a little so it doesn't stick) and then dab with cologne – if you can't find any, perfume also seems to work, suggesting alcohol is the key factor. Don't do it too often, though, as it may stain the skin. Long-term it may be an idea to have a BioStick to hand. It's clinically proven, emitting a low-frequency red light that, without heating or burning, increases blood flow to the affected area, stimulating immune cells to help heal the blistering skin. Available from or on 0870 350 1264.

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