Make more of your mascara

Be inventive with your look

Tara Palmer-Tomkinson has been pictured with her face au naturel – and we think she looks amazing. But in these straitened times, you don't have to do without make-up to make it go further; you just have to make it work a little harder. Here are three ways to make more of your mascara.

* As one of the most used cosmetics that instantly helps us look more awake, mascara can be an expensive habit, often costing around a tenner for maybe three months of use if you wear it every day. Dye your lashes instead and you'll find you won't have to apply as much and can probably go without mascara altogether, unless you're dressing up. Eylure Dylash Kit, £7.25, from Superdrug contains sufficient dye for 12 applications.

* And when your mascara's too dry to use on your lashes, use it to define your brows instead – the key is to brush them over brow hairs in both directions.

* Dip a thin make-up brush into waterproof mascara and use it as a smudgeproof eyeliner – just be careful to correct any mistakes with a cotton bud before it dries.

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