Quick tip for top tootsies

Don't just paint; shape your nails, too

celeb nail expert Marian Newman recommends shaping toe nails to suit your style of shoes 

Now that British summer-time has finally arrived, we'll be pulling out those strappy sandals – a la Courtney Cox Arquette and Victoria Beckham - from the back of the wardrobe once more.

But celeb nail expert Marian Newman says there's more to consider than the colour of your nails. Marian says that if you want to maximise the effect of beautiful footwear that puts your toes on display, the shape of your shoes should dictate the shape of your nails, too.

So, shape your nails into an oval to go with delicate stiletto-heeled sandals. Marian says blunt, straight-across nails should be saved for chunkier footwear such as wedge heels.