Emotional TV moments lead to new eyelash venture for Cheryl

Queen of falsies Cheryl launches eyelash range


Cheryl Cole's teary X Factor appearances didn't just move the hearts of TV viewers, they also gave rise to a new business opportunity.

The Girls Aloud singer and her bandmates were approached to launch a range of fake eyelashes after it was noted that her falsies and waterproof mascara withstood her frequent bouts of emotion on the talent contest show.

As the fabulous five launched their new product, which comes in five different styles depending on the wearer's mood or the occasion, Kimberley Walsh gave fans tips on how to apply them.

"It's every girl's dream to have your own (bespoke) false eyelashes," said Kimberley. "You know that they are always going to fit perfectly and look just right."

Her version are light and natural, for example, while Cheryl's give full-on glamour, being the longest and densest.

The girls' collaboration with Eyelure was a natural fit as the girls got through 145 sets of the brand's lashes on their 'Tangled Up' tour last year.

Admirers wanting to flutter their eyelids like the pop princess will be able to pick up a pair for £5 when they go on sale in Superdrug and on ASOS.com on April 20.

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