How to… make small lips look fuller

Make the most of your mouth with three easy make-up tricks

1. Exaggerate
Make your lips look larger than they are by slightly extending the natural lip line. Use a lip pencil to create a new line just outside the real one, but stick fairly close – within 2mm – to the real outline to keep the result natural looking. And try to find a pencil as close as possible to your natural lip colouring.

2. Create depth
Now use the lip pencil to fill in the whole lip area and go over the top with your normal lipstick. It means the colour will fade evenly, rather than having lipstick wipe off and leaving an obvious line of pencil around the lips.

3. Grab the light
Finish with an iridescent gloss all over – iridescent particles grab and reflect light to the mouth which makes it a focus of the face and helps create a pout. Then add a touch of highlighter insider the cupid’s bow, to help define the shape and, again, draw the eye towards the lips.

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