The future’s bright (pink) for summer nails

Neons bring a flash of brightness amidst the gloom

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Brighten up your summer with eye-catching neon nail varnish 

Summer’s usually a time when cosmetic colours brighten up, even if it is just in the direction of traditional pastels.

But when it comes to nails, celebrities still seem wedded to their dark talons, with blacks proving as popular as they were in the winter.

So we thought it was time to inject a hint of fun into summer, in the shape of bright neons that jazz up any outfit and look incredible with bronzed skin (even if it’s fake).

These two collections, from cult favourite Essie, £8.95 each from, and Toma, £6.90 from (0208 958 0555), feature eyepopping acid brights, but our favourites are the pinks which look stunning on short, neat nails.

The Essie Neon Collection has been brought back after last year’s limited edition run was a sellout and Toma is getting in on the acid action with its Art Attack collection.

They look great with sandals, too – just make sure your nails are in good nick because you’ll certainly attract attention with such eyecatching colours.