How to recreate this summer's must have 'natural' look as worn by Kate

Neutral make-up makes a comeback as one of the season's hottest celebrity trends

The trend for natural-looking make-up started with Kate Winslet at a screening for Away We Go in New York and gathered pace at the Glamour Awards. There, fresh-faced beauties from Joanna Page and Rachel Stevens to Fearne Cotton and Becki Newton, kept their make-up skilfully and flatteringly low-key.

Here's how to get the look:

It's all about complexion
When you downplay eyes and lips, focus turns to the skin. So go for a foundation with light reflecting particles that’s dewy, rather than matte. One way to get the effect is to add just a touch of moisturiser to your normal brand. Use cream concealer on blemishes and under-eye circles and finish with just a sweep of loose powder only over oily areas - central forehead, down and to the side of the nose, chin - applied with a big brush.

This is essential to catch the light, which gives skin its own natural glow. Apply in a curve from the outer corner of each eye to the tips of cheekbones over blusher.

Make sure this is the right shade for your skintone - soft pink for pale skin, peachy for yellower skin tones and biscuity for dark skin. Don't forget that cream formulations give a more dewy finish.

Eye glimmer
A pale frosty shade of shadow swept lightly over the lids lightens and brightens the eye area without looking too made-up. Liquid liner can be applied in thinner lines than pencil; use it close to the root of lashes on upper lids only.

Fresh lips
Keep lips nude with beige shades or, if you need a tad more colour, a creamy lipstick of gloss that matches your natural lip colour. Apply foundation over lips first so they blend in with your complexion and to help the colour on top to 'stick'.

Pay attention to these. Just because the look is natural it doesn't mean it should seem dishevelled. And when there isn't the central focus created by vivid lipstick or glamorous eye make-up, straggly brows can make it seem as though you haven't bothered, rather than deliberately downplayed your make-up. A natural face needs structure, too, and artfully shaped brows can help lift the face and define eyes and cheekbones. At the least, pluck straggly hairs to keep brows neat and fill in with brown shadow or pencil - you'll see an immediate difference in definition for the whole face.

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