The best on test: find out which are the top three maximising mascaras on the market

They’re the staple of most women’s make-up wardrobe, instantly widening eyes, thickening lashes and making the whole face appear ‘lifted’. But after a fabulous five-year period in which advances in cosmetic technology mean there is now no reason for women to have anything other than luscious lashes, with new improved mascaras launching consistently throughout the year, which ones really do do what they say on the tin?

Here are our top-three favourites…

DiorShow Iconic, £20. Just brilliant if you want a natural effect – one coat and you look like you’re not wearing anything at all, but are blessed with incredibly long lashes. Mine seriously touch my eyebrows after using Iconic. It layers fairly well, but keeps lashes looking long and thin, rather than luscious. The only slight fault is that it’s quite difficult to remove from skin if your application’s not spot-on – but that should mean it sticks to lashes more effectively, too.

Givenchy Phenomen’Eyes, £18.11. Givenchy has radically altered the wand, with a spiky ball instead of a wide brush which looks like it’s more trouble than it’s worth. But it works, getting right into the roots and inner corners of the lids and somehow evenly coating lashes so there’s no clumping. Results are glorious – not as long as Dior’s, but really thick and luscious. Perfect for night-time impact.

MaxFactor False Lash Effect, £10.99. Well, it speaks for itself as a best-seller. And no wonder, because it does make lashes look probably ten-times enhanced, although you do have to keep on layering to get maximum impact (it layers well, though, without clumping, as long as you don’t let lashes dry inbetween). It sits somewhere between Dior and Givenchy’s offerings, in terms of length and volumising and lasts for ages, too – I get about three months of daily use before it starts to dry.

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