Get Lily’s dramatic new look: popstar gets lippy with berry shades Lily Allen has gone for a far more grown-up, classic look than usual to mark her first foray into jewellery design with her Coin collection – influenced by her gypsy grandmother.

“Lily’s got the balance right by going for a matte finish on her lips but a dewy texture on her skin,” says Rimmel make-up artist Kirstin Piggott.

“If you go matte all over, it can look dry and quite ageing. The key is to choose a light, liquid foundation and avoid powder,” Kirsten advises. “Adding a little liquid highlighter in to the mix grabs the light allover, too.”

Kirsten warns that the dense pigment of dark, dramatic shades of lip colour means they often bleed outside of the lip line.

And unlike paler shades, you really notice the contrast between your natural lip colour and the lipstick as it wears off – that tell-tale ring effect as the colour fades from the centre of the lips through eating and drinking.

So she always uses a matching lip liner with dark shades of lipstick to prevent bleeding and then fills in the entire lip area with the liner, too, so there’s plenty of colour beneath as the lipstick starts to fade.

“Apply the lipstick on top, blot with tissue, then apply again for long-lasting results,” she says.

Because the lips are so dramatic, it’s best to play down the eyes.

“Lily’s already created drama on her eyes with liner used on the inner rim and around the lashes, topped off with loads of mascara,” she says.

“So you just need a light layer of shimmery cream over the lids with a tiny dab of highlighter in the corners to make the eyes look wide awake.”

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