Beverley Knight fills gap in cosmetics market with own range for black skin Meeting up with soul songstress Beverley Knight recently, she told us about the problems she’s encountered being able to find decent make-up for her skin tone – and how she decided the easiest solution to the problem was to launch her own brand.

“There’s always been a schism in the cosmetics industry when it comes to meeting the needs of darker skinned women,” she said.

“If you were black, your choice was Bobbi Brown, MAC or Iman - and even that’s almost impossible to get hold of now. You’d end up having to mix up your own from what’s out there or having to go to companies who do custom-made make-up. Whichever way you do it, it’s expensive. So you make do.”

“As a black woman, you feel like you’re outside of the beauty loop,” Beverley continued. “Before Naomi Campbell, the only black models were very light-skinned so you never felt part of it.”

So Beverley decided to launch her own product range for black and Asian skin, which launches into Selfridges on September 17 followed by other retailers and online from October – and, we have to say, her skin looked amazing when we met, which she said was down to wearing her own products.

There are 15 different products in the range encompassing 78 shades and finishes, from light- and full-coverage foundation, a matte compact, concealer and pressed powder through to eyeshadows, liners, mascara, blush and lipstick, gloss and lipliner. Prices start from £10 for liners to £22 for foundation.

“My own icons are Oprah, Maya Angelou and June Sarpong who’s a brilliant, clever, beautiful woman – and a friend, obviously,” Beverley told us when we asked who she considers role models.

“In terms of women coming up, I love Naomie Harris, the actress, and Shingai from The Noisettes. She’s hot!”

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