Autumn trend alert: grab a sneak preview of tomorrow’s hot looks

Usually one of the most over-looked of our facial features, eyebrows emphasised to frame the face form a key trend for autumn  

We may all still be desperately clinging on to the hope that we will yet experience a proper summer.

But as the weather becomes increasingly patchy, at least the prospect of autumn moving ever closer brings with it a selection box of hot new looks to brighten up the cloudy day.

Take a sneak peak at our fave five…

Pinched cheeks - Basso & Brooke were inspired by the court of Louis XIV, with pale, powdered faces and rather unsubtle, pink, polished cheeks. Dab blush in the centre of cheeks and swirl the powder around with your brush to give the effect of colour fading from the centre outwards, says make-up artist James Kaliardos.

Rococo eyes - Pink and gold made for a perfect eyeshadow combo – use pink on the eyelid for depth and then sweep gold - try L’Oreal Shadow Minerals in Gold - onto the brow bone to add shimmer with a little under the eyelids for extra sparkle.

Natural lips - At Basso & Brooke and Twenty8Twelve by S.Miller, lips were played down. James recommends using powder on the lips to create subtle definition – he mixed loose mineral blusher with liquid highlighter - try L’Oreal Paris Blush Minerals, £7.99 with Touche Magique, £6.99. Or simply add balm for just a hint of texture and tint.

Big brows - The most emphasised feature at Eun Jeong was the brow, with models sporting almost angular lines above the eyes that gave the face a precise, geometric edge. If you use a powder to fill in brows, add it to lids, too, focusing on the socket for extra contouring that helps enhance the bone structure of the whole face which balances the over-emphasised brow.

Pale nails - Both Basso & Brooke and Eun Jeong kept nails neat and neutral. Go for pale but opaque shades, such as baby pinks and creams.