A magical morning makeover in minutes

You’ll see from our footage of make-up artist Caroline Barnes that it is possible to leave the house in the morning looking well groomed, even if you have only a few minutes to prepare because you have children to get ready/went to the gym/overslept.

Caroline told us the most common mistake women make when they’re trying to achieve a simple natural glow that allows them to leave home feeling confident but without needing a 20-minute, full make-up routine, is in not correctly matching the shade of their base products to their skin tone.

Which is why it’s important to apply your make-up in natural daylight, rather than the fluourescent light of a bathroom or behind closed curtains in the bedroom.

"Applying make-up in the wrong light can fool you into believing your make-up is even and natural looking," Caroline says, particularly if you’ve already made the mistake of buying a foundation according to how well it matches the colour of your face.


"You actually need to follow the tone from your chest up to ensure your skin tone is perfect, otherwise your face ends up being a totally different colour to the rest of your body, which certainly isn't natural," she adds.

Caroline also reminds us to exfoliate when we have time for a bath or a shower and to moisturise afterwards so that when we only have a few minutes in the mornings, foundation at least sits comfortably on the skin, rather than looking heavy and clogged up on top of dead skin cells. She recommends Max Factor’s new Second Skin foundation, £13.99, which contains 60 per cent water so it glides on and sits flat against the skin. It hits shops in October.