Bare-faced beauty: how to look good naked

Kylie Minogue proves you don't have to spend hours in front of the mirror to face the world with confidence

OK, so we mean stripped of make-up as opposed to clothes. But, for some women, going out minus make-up is akin to streaking down the street.

Cheryl Cole, apparently, won’t be seen without her make-up, according to Simon Cowell’s bodyguard, Big Tony. And Victoria Beckham is so rarely pictured without a perfectly groomed face, a shot of the star leaving the gym bare-faced at the weekend was headline news.

But there are stars who seem as confident au naturel as they do with a full face of beauty boosters – including pop princess Kylie Minogue, who proves that a pared-down regime can bring out your natural beauty, without having to spend half-an-hour applying a bit of slap before leaving the house!

First, exfoliate
And moisturise regularly when you have a couple of minutes. Skin that has dead skin cells still accumulating at the surface looks dry and dull. If skin is smooth, it automatically appears more radiant without any effort.

Secondly, apply some kind of bronzing product
Whether it’s self-tan twice a week or a gradual tanner every day. Once skin has a hint of natural looking colour, you’ll feel more comfortable without foundation.

Next, conceal
Then just dab concealer on to blemishes and under-eye circles to even skin tone.

The eyes have it
Mascara is time-consuming and fiddly to apply. Instead, curl eyelashes which instantly makes eyes appear a little more open, then quickly smudge a soft pencil liner around lashes with your fingers, in brown or grey to pick out specks of colour in the iris that will make eyes stand out.

Get lippy
Again using fingers, smudge a soft creamy lipstick over lips for just a little extra colour and blend whatever’s left on fingertips over cheeks. You’ll be surprised at how a healthy glow can lift the whole face and even accentuate eyes.

Don't forget your brows
If you have time, fill in brows with a brow pencil or even a little smudge of brown eyeshadow. Defined brows also lift features – particularly if skin is starting to soften and loosen with age – and give features a ‘finished’ look that appears natural and effortless.