Back to beauty school: quick tips for getting ready in a rush

It’s back to school time for children, with consternation for some London parents facing bumping into celebrity mothers Claudia Schiffer, Elle Macpherson and Stella McCartney at the school gates.

But it only takes a little preparation to smooth the edges of a morning complexion and present a glowing front to the world, even if it does contain the odd supermodel…

*Before you leave the house, dab a splodge of foundation onto fingertips and quickly smooth over skin from the centre of the face out – over the nose and down the sides onto the inner cheeks where pores are largest, around the lips onto the chin where there are often blemishes and up towards the centre of the brow where there are usually lines that need a little softening.

As long as you’ve bought the right shade, the foundation will blend into your skin as you smooth it outwards, without having to cover the whole face.

*Rub concealer over a couple of fingertips and, being careful to avoid getting it on any clothes on the way out of the house, once you’re in the car or on the bus, dab it onto blemishes and under-eye circles.

*Finally, use the same colour cosmetic on eyes, lips and cheeks and you’ll look fresh and together. Any shade of peach or rose will work, smudged into the sockets - it’ll make eyes look more noticeable without using mascara - dabbed onto the apples of cheeks and rubbed over lips, with a slick of lipgloss over the top once you’re at the school gates.

Then, when you get a few moments later in the day, add mascara just through the ends of lashes to look ‘finished’.

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