Five easy steps to Cheryl Cole’s lush lashes

Cheryl Cole's eyes always stand out, with full-on glamour thanks to false lashes 

Fake lashes have returned with a vengeance, with Cheryl Cole as the poster girl – she’s never seen without a pair to maximise those big brown eyes.

But they’re still a mystery to many of us who find them impossible to apply with any finesse. So we asked The Body Shop’s brilliant make-up artist, Chase Aston, for five easy steps to lush lashes…

You’ll need eyelash curlers, small nail scissors, tweezers, eyelash glue, lash comb and an orange stick for nails.

Once you have finished applying your eyeshadow and before you apply your eyeliner and mascara, first curl your lashes and then comb through using The Body Shop Brow & Lash Comb to separate.

Step 1
Once you have curled your lashes, and used a lash comb to separate any clumps, take the strip of lashes (Cheryl uses classic strip lashes, from Eylure - the brand even includes an exclusive Girls Aloud range) at each end and softly wiggle them, which will help the lashes become less stiff and easier to shape along the lash line.

Place the lashes onto the top lash-line to make sure they finish and end with your natural lashes – otherwise trim any excess from the outer corners only.

Step 2
Squeeze a drop of glue onto a clean surface and wait a few moments for it to dry and become tacky. Then take the lashes with your tweezers and, using the tip of an orange stick, apply a fine strip of glue along the fake lash line.

Still holding the lashes with your tweezers, tilt your head back slightly and looking down, start at the outer corner of the eyes, placing the lashes on top of your natural lashes along the lash line.

Step 3
Then take the clean end of the orange stick and starting from the outer corner of the eye, gently press lashes against the lash-line to set. Once lashes are in place and set, take your lash comb and comb through, blending your natural lashes with the fake.

Step 4
When the lashes are dry, take a black liquid eyeliner and apply along the top lash-line as close to the lashes as possible, which will help to conceal the lash roots. Finally apply a few coats of mascara to blend the fakes with your natural ones, which will also ensures the lashes stay put through the night.

Step 5
To remove lashes, Chase advises, wet with water or an oil-based eye make-up remover and soak along the top lash-line to soften the glue, then gently pull the lashes off, wash and leave to air dry so they are clean and ready to use again.