Get Leona’s latest eye-catching look

Leona is at the forefront of a trend for wearing a solid wash of colour across the entire lid that really makes eyes stand out

We’ve noticed a bit of an under-the-radar trend in celebrity make-up lately and that’s the use of a single, block colour on the eyes, instead of the usual blend of two or three shades of eyeshadow – great news for those of us looking for the simple life.

If you want to get the look, Leona Lewis’s make-up for her recent X Factor appearance and at MTV’s Europe Music Awards nailed it, with a strong wash of solid colour all over the eyelids that gave her striking eyes as much impact closed as open.

Leona’s make-up artist, Jane Bradley, told us how she did it…

Step 1
“Using a firm flat brush apply a dark cream eyeshadow over the entire lid in a semi circle shape. Start from just beyond the inner corner and finish at the outer corner making sure the arc can be seen above the socket line when you look straight ahead in the mirror. Using a small pointed brush now paint a diagonal line from the outer corner to create a flick and bring it back down to join the semi-circle.”

Step 2
“Before the shadow dries completely, sweep over the top with a gunmetal shade in powder format to add intensity. The combination of the cream eye shadow and powder eye shadow help make a really graphic edge and ensures your make-up won't crease, flake or wear off all night - guaranteed!”

Step 3
“Now draw eyeliner in black along the top lash line, then apply lots of black mascara onto curled lashes. Finally finish with a couple of coats of mascara on the bottom lashes et voila – Leona’s luscious eyes!”

Jane’s hero product for this look is Bobbi Brown’s Long Wear Cream Eye Shadow in Black Pearl, a stunning midnight shade with a speckle of light-reflective particles that subtly catch the light – perfect stand-out make-up to help you shine at Christmas parties and so easy to apply smudged across the lid.