Red-carpet beauty tricks we can all repeat We’re well and truly into awards season and make-up artists will be pulling out all their secret tricks to ensure their A-list clients look like royalty on the red carpet.

But you don’t have to be a celebrity to benefit from the best in beauty expertise...

Work well ahead - You need to moisturise before applying any make-up to help plump up skin and get rid of dry patches, which make foundation look uneven. But leave as long as possible before applying cosmetics so the moisturiser has time to sink in, and make-up doesn’t cling to the hydrating ingredients, instead of the skin, and slip off.

Prime yourself - Primer provides an even-ing layer of smoothness over skin, filling in pores, so foundation goes on more evenly and reflects light more effectively to make skin glow.

Get perfect skin - To look flawless, you need to extend the use of concealer beyond under-eye circles. Use a thin brush to blend it in right up to the lashes, too, which are usually much pinker than the rest of skin, and around the nostrils where there are lots of pores and often broken veins. And dab it over eyelids for the same reason – if you’re applying eyeshadow it will act as a base.

Powder your nose - Flashbulbs and any kind of artificial light reflect back off the slightest touch of oiliness so even if you look ‘dry’ in the mirror, your skin’s natural lubrication will be emphasised. So apply the lightest dusting of loose powder over foundation with a huge brush and go over it again with another bare brush to remove excess. Then carry a compact powder or powdered papers to touch up later – don’t do it too often or the powder will accumulate.

See the light - Highlighter is essential to catch the light. Just stroke it along the tops of cheekbones and beneath the browbone – or use a shimmery shade there to finish your eyeshadow. Unless you have pimples, of course. It will draw attention to them, too, so if your skin’s not looking it’s best, skip the highlighter.

Learn your lines - The simplest trick for dramatic eyes is black eyeliner on the outer and inner lids. Wing it out slightly on the outer corners to make eyes appear bigger. Apply more mascara on the outer corners of lashes, too, to achieve the same effect.

Get lippy - A precise lipline really does add the finishing touch to a flawless face - and helps correct an uneven lip line, too. After applying lipliner, fill in with an intense matte lip colour to look polished and perfect.

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