Beauty alert: Testers found to be toxic!

The last time popped into our local chemist, we were alarmed to find a customer ‘testing’ eyeliners and shadows all around her eyes, including the inner lids, which left us feeling distinctly queasy.

Because there are mucous membranes – the fleshier, ‘wet’ parts of skin – around the eyes as there are inside the nose and around the lips.

And those membranes are involved with absorption and secretion. Which means it’s easier to transmit infection than it is on dry skin (especially when using wet products, such as liquid liners or shadows and mascaras, in which bacteria breeds more efficiently).

And now our fears have been confirmed with the news that E.coli has been found in 100% of testers found at beauty counters in a study by Jefferson Medical College in Pennsylvania, USA, that also discovered bacteria which can cause conjunctivitis.

Not surprisingly, the highest levels of contamination were found on Saturdays.

So watch out, ladies. Keep testing to the back of your hand to keep yourself as healthy as you can. Or don’t test at all. It could lead to expensive waste when you buy products that don’t suit, but better that than a bout of conjunctivitis.

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