Lovely lips for perfect pouts

Our tips and tricks for fuller lips will give you good reason to smile

Wishing you had fuller lips? There's no need for surgery or injections to perfect your pout: it's amazing how much you can achieve with simple make-up techniques.

Choose the right colour... Avoid tones at either end of the spectrum: don't go for either very pale or very dark. It's best to choose a shade just slightly darker than the natural lip colour and let eyes and cheeks take the starring role....and texture. Matte-effect lippies make the mouth appear smaller, whereas shinier lips give a fuller impression. For a natural look, use a natural-colour cream or satin-effect lipstick then add a touch of gloss in the centre of the lower lip to add volume.

Outliner. Outlining just slightly outside the natural line of the lips will make the mouth appear larger – but choose an outliner only a hint darker than the lip colour and be sure to blend the filler colour into the outline. (Note that this trick will help to enhance the shape of the mouth, but won't actually correct it.)

Two tips from the experts...

  • Using foundation on your lips before applying colour provides a smoother canvas for the colour. 
  • Use a drop of pearl eyeshadow or concealer in the centre of the upper lip – the Cupid's bow. This helps give the illusion of volume.

And remember: lips get dehydrated, too. Well-moisturised lips will tend to be fuller, so make sure you include them in your moisturising routine.

Now smile!

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