All the colours of the rainbow!

Reds, pinks, greens... one thing seems clear: the brighter the better when it comes to nail colour.

For a lot of people, hands are right up there with eyes and mouths when it comes to being attracted to someone, and, along with the voice and facial expression, body language and the way we use our hands are really important elements of how we communicate and the impression we create. So it's vitally important to care for our hands and make the most of them, and, while summer trends are clear in our clothes, our hair and our make up, our nails, too, demand our full attention at this time of year.

You can dress up your hands with rings and bracelets, henna and tattoos... or you can opt for nail polish, a perfect way to add that individual touch, whether for everyday wear, or for a special party look. The celebs, who are never slow when it comes to hot trends, are clear devotees of painted nails, and many are flaunting the most daring colours at their finger tips.

If you focus the attention on your nails, you don't need anything else to decorate your hands – in fact you're better off avoiding too many accessories which will only dilute the dramatic effect of brightly painted nails.

If you tend to wear dark colours, try orange, pink, blue or bright yellow to achieve an interesting contrast. If, however, you opt for bright colours and prints, neutral colours such as black or white may be best for your nails, or a specific shade that picks out or complements the tones in your clothes.

At the end of the day, though, whether you choose a colour that tones in, or one that contrasts and adds originality, the decision is in your hands!

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