Mascara magic: the best new lash lengtheners on test

There's been an explosion in the market for mascara lately, with more hitting – or about to hit - the shelves than at any point we can remember in the past five years.

And they're all promising longer, curlier, thicker lashes. Which they’re mostly delivering. So we've put them to the test and here are our Five Faves To Save - with one outstanding result…

Bare Escentuals Flawless Definition Volumizing Mascara, £15
Great results, although we'd say it's better at lengthening than thickening – lashes curve beautifully and really tickle beneath the brow if you build up the layers, while still looking fairly natural. Only problem is, it’s not the best at layering. You have to work quickly; left to dry for just seconds between layers, you get flaking. Available in October; visit or call 0870 850 6655 for stockists.

17 Wild Curls 6x Volume Mascara, £5.99
It works, undoubtedly, and lashes look a little curlier. Results last well throughout the day, too. But, again, we found more impressive results in this test.

Maybelline Lash Stiletto, £7.99
You get a perfectly lush result, with a fan of clump-free, beautifully dressed lashes that look thicker and longer – just not as thick and long as the other mascaras tested here achieve.

MAC Haute & Naughty Lash, £17
One of two mascaras to come out recently with the same clever design. There are two lids, both attached to the same brush. Unscrew the top one and the brush is pulled through the hollow wand of the bottom lid, so you get just enough liquid to give you a luscious layer of mascara perfect for gorgeously natural-looking daytime lashes. Unscrew the bottom lid and the brush is loaded with loads of liquid straight from the tube for more dramatic, nighttime results. The results are magnificent – but this formula tends to clump so go easy on the layering. Available from October; visit or call 0870 034 2676 for stockists.

STAR BUY Bourjois' Volumizer, £10.99
This does exactly the same job as MAC's, in the same format, without the clumping. Lashes were so thick and dazzling, a make-up artist commented on how amazing they looked and asked which brand we were wearing, while a colleague thought we'd gone for lash extensions. And you can just keep on layering. Undoubtedly the best mascara we’ve tried in ages.

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