Revealed: how to achieve Serena Williams' glam new look

She's floored us all with her champion skills on the tennis court, but it looks like Serena Williams is preparing to move onto the red carpet with the glamorous new image she's been presenting lately.

So we asked celeb make-up artist Aimee Adams to tell us how Serena has managed to look so chic…

"Serena looks really polished and glam and we're not used to seeing her like that – a lot of which is down to artful make-up application," Aimee says.

She points out that Serena's face has been given a sculpted look that slims the nose and highlights bone structure with careful contouring, recommending Sleek's Contour Kit, £5.99*, as a perfect tool.

"It comes in three shades, all with a darker bronzer and a lighter highlighter in one compact," Aimee explains. "You use the highlighter to brighten under the eyes and along tops of cheekbones to illuminate and the bronzer on temples, under cheekbones and jawline and along the sides of the nose right up to the eyebrow." Blending is vital so there are no obvious lines.

"Then the eyes have been made to stand out with smoky colours – although you have to be careful as dark colours on dark skin can look muddy," Aimee says, recommending "fusing" smoky colours with a minky or gunmetal shade.

"Black pencil really makes eyes pop," she adds. "But it's defining the brows that really makes eyes look feline."

Aimee – who favours Sleek, MAC and Bobbi Brown on black skin - says going for a vivid colour on Serena’s lips when her eyes are so played up would have made her look "pantomimey".

"Black skin suits deep colours like plums and burgundys, not least because dark colours recede so it takes more pronounced lips to carry them off," she says. "But more subtle caramels and pale, smooth pinks work best with dramatic eyes.

"I prefer them in creamy, pigmented lipglosses – hints of light colour with lots of shine that make the most of lips' natural fullness," Aimee adds.

*The Sleek Contour Kit is currently available at Superdrug and at for £8 including contour brush.