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The time is right... to pluck your eyebrows

When things get steamy, your eyebrows are ripe for the plucking.


Without a doubt, those odd, straggly hairs that ruin the line of your eyebrow are just plain ugly, and the automatic reaction is to reach for the tweezers as soon as you notice them. But have you ever wondered if there's a best time to pluck your eyebrows? Whether it hurts more or less under different conditions? For your information, the least painful time is likely to be after your shower or bath.


There's a simple explanation: the steam caused by the hot water opens your pores and makes hair removal less painful – and which of us doesn't want to minimise the pain?There's another trick to bear in mind if the tug of the tweezers still bothers you: if you run an ice cube along the brow before you start to pluck, it will have a slight anaesthestic effect and reduce the pain even further.

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