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Concealer – a secret ally

You can't always avoid dark circles under your eyes, but there are ways to make them less noticeable

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We all miss out on sleep sometimes, whether it's because we've been out partying, busy studying, crying over a relationship, sitting up with a sick child or simply engrossed in a good book. And the worst of it is that it's all too apparent the next day when our eyes are puffy and rimmed with dark circles. So it's good to know that whatever caused the damage, a little concealer can help hide the effects. Here we've got five tips on how to use it to best advantage:


  • The first step is to prepare the skin by applying a moisturiser designed for the under-eye area
  • More is not always better: use just a little concealer to achieve the best effects
  • There are no miracles, and it probably won't be possible to make the dark circles completely disappear. Your aim is to reduce them, but you can expect a slight bluish tinge to remain
  • Apply the concealer with a gentle tapping motion; avoid dragging or stretching the delicate under-eye skin
  • You can use the product alone or in combination with your foundation – either over or under it – but always make sure the concealer is blended with your skin and no sharp borders are visible

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