Are you ready for your close up? American Idol judge and pop star Jennifer Lopez certainly is.

Get the look: Jennifer Lopez

Celebrity makeup artist Alice Theobald shows how to recreate the diva's knock-out makeup look

Are you ready for your close up? American Idol judge and pop star Jennifer Lopez certainly is. On the current series of the US talent show she has consistently wowed with her outfits, hair and makeup – and her style ethos is no different in her latest music video for On The Floor - released in the UK this week.

Here, makeup artist to the stars Alice Theobald shows us how to recreate the 41-year-old mum-of-two's age-defying look...

"Jennifer gets it right everytime," says Alice. "Start with a pre-base for the face, just to hold the foundation in place. I'd use Darphin’s Original Protection Base – a moisturising base - and then, on top, Giorgio Armani's Luminous Silk Foundation. If you need a bit of concealer – usually people need a bit of extra help around the eyes and the nose – put this on next.

"Now, highlight using Fluid Sheer by Giorgio Armani. They do this product in a range of shades so choose the one that best matches your complexion. Next, set this base with a dusting of loose powder, and use a light but even application with a big, fluffy powder brush. But be careful – too much can be instantly ageing."

Jennifer has a very sculptured face with defined cheekbones and jawbones. "You can create this effect by using a blusher brush to apply a bronzer underneath your cheekbones. Put some underneath your jaw, too," recommends Alice. "It's not like we're adding tan here –it's literally to sculpt the face.

"Next up, use a cream eye shadow as a base. Urban Decay do a range called 24/7 pencils. Start with Sin, the lightest, applying it into the corner of the eye, then put Wasteland into the socket and around the lash area. Now use a blending eyeshadow brush to mix them together and put Barracuda into the socket line. We need a base because now we're going to use loose pigments, and they need something to stick to," she explains.

"To get the depth that Jennifer has you really need to build it up. Use a tissue underneath the eye to catch anything that drops if needs be, so it doesn't ruin your face! Use MAC Pigments in Frozen White in the corner of the eye and just underneath your eyebrow, and then Chocolate Brown over the outer corner of the eye, blending it around the socket line and underneath the eye. Next, put Dark Soul into the socket line and into the lash line.

"Ensure the brows are groomed. You can do this using an old mascara wand, and add definition a la J Lo with a brown pencil – Dior do a great powder pencil which gives the soft effect of powder but with the easy application of a pencil."

Next, put Laura Mercier's kohl eye pencil in Ice Blue into the inner rim of your eyes, and on the top lash line use a liquid black liner. "Now curl your lashes and apply mascara. You're going to need falsies to really get the impact of Jennifer's amazing lash look. Shu Uemura do an amazing selection, as do Allure. Shu Uemura also offer a selection of individual lashes that you can put on your bottom set, too.

"And Urban Decay do a false lash mascara which is made to blend your own lashes with false lashes. A great new product to know about!"

Now you're eyes are beautifully made up, turn your attention to your cheeks and lips. "Choose a natural coloured blusher to blend into the apples of your cheeks, and then line the lips with the MAC Chromagraphic Pencil in NW25," says Alice. "Now put their Lip Erase in Dim on your lips – it gives that gorgeous nude colour without drying your lips out – before applying a drop of clear lipgloss in the middle to give them that plastic shine."

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