Improving the look of drooping eyes

Carefully applied make-up can give your eyes a more wide-awake look

Eyes come in all shapes and sizes, and very few are perfect. A little make-up can help disguise any failings, though, so take time to learn what works for you, and practise different effects until you achieve the look you want.


If your eye lids tend to droop, you'll want to make your eyes look wider and more open, so don't emphasise that downward trend with shadows on the lower lid. Try drawing a line – not too dark – close to the eye, making sure it ends in an upward stroke towards the temple. Adding a touch of shadow in the outer corner of the eye will complement this effect.

An eye-lash curler is a great ally, as the shape it gives your lashes can really help to lift and open up the eyes. And when you apply your mascara, try and encourage the lashes upwards and outwards. A mascara such as Max Factor's False Lash Effect is perfect as it adds volume to the lashes and widens the look of the eyes.

Brows matter, too, so make sure they are well marked in an arch as this will help counter-balance and distract from drooping lids.