Inside Christian Dior's rose-filled garden party

Christian Dior’s garden in Graville, Normandy, stood on the edge of a cliff, buffeted by wind and surrounded by inhospitable terrain for any kind of vegetation.

But, with a great deal of determination and patience, Mr Dior managed to grow a lush flower garden which he adored, paying particular attention to his roses.


Which is why the brand’s spring make-up collection is based on the theme of a garden party.

It is a beautifully presented array of colourful cosmetics which is reigned by roses. 

Sure to be a favourite with make-up fans is the Garden palette that comes in the form of the wonderful flowers in intense spring shades of pink. 


Also noteworthy is the silver Dior clutch that doubles as an eyeshadow palette and features a lovely rose-shaped clasp. 

And there's something for scent fans too - nail varnish in mauve purple and pale green, fragranced with roses.

The collection launches on January 2 and will be sold in Selfridges.