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Red hot: The lip colour of the season

Strong red lip tones triumphed on the catwalk and in the celeb-world

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This season, red lipstick is high on the list of hot trends for the fashion-conscious. If you're prepared to give this daring lip colour – considered by many to be one of the most feminine – a go, decide whether to plump for matte or gloss. Both finishes have been big on the runway, and shades have ranged from bright cherry red to scarlet, to deep wine and berry tones.


Celebs have also caught onto the trend, with Uma Thurman and Taylor Swift amongst others opting for the fire engine colour. Some fashion houses, such as Gucci, hedged their bets and fielded models with both matte and gloss lips. Which will you choose? Don't forget...

  • In general – other than exceptional statement makeup – we advise to focus on eyes and mouth at the same time - attention should be on either one or the other. So if you opt for bright red lips, try and play down your eye makeup.
  • Only smooth, firm lips can bear the attention of such striking colour: any roughness or loose skin is a total turn off, so make sure you use lip balm and protective creams regularly.
  • Makeup artist Bobbi Brown says the key to giving a modern look to red lips is to play with different textures. Instead of the traditional matte lips, try a semi-transparent gloss or combine red liner – in the same shade as the lipstick – with lip balm.

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