Let your nails shine

It's really important to care for our hands and make the most of them - they are key elements in how we communicate and the impression we create, and are all so easily forgotten.

Put those fingertips in the spotlight with a splash of colour.


Wild child

It’s fun to take note of the latest trends inspired by the catwalk. If you like it lively, why not bring a hint of Indian summer back into your palette. Orange is a fab, bright colour. Or go wild and mix muted greens and purples, jet blacks, browns, reds and porcelains. Different colours on each finger if you like. Make sure you trim and file your nails. Stay away from excessively long nails and fantasy prints.


It’s great to follow current trends, and every woman has her own style, but the classics never fail. There is always a fabulous range of eternal reds to choose from – flattering to most hands and great all year round.

Get footsy

Even though your feet are tucked away most of the time, a pedicure is the perfect treat. So pamper those feet even when you’re not showing them off – it will make you feel great to keep your toes in good shape and looking beautiful… so don’t neglect those pinkies!

The French manicure is always a safe bet - and particularly good for short nails - just make sure you get it right.