Holly Valance: Get the look

Maybe it’s her newly-announced engagement, or perhaps it’s her recent stint on Strictly Come Dancing, but Holly Valance looks better than ever.

The former Neighbours star has been gracing red carpet events looking nothing short of stunning. 

Celebrity make-up artist Alice Theobald shows us how to recreate her gorgeous look.



"Holly's look is all about her glowing complexion. To start off I suggest applying a layer of face self tan with a damp sponge to ensure an even tone.

Then to achieve her flashbulb-ready flawless skin, dot Bobbi Brown foundation onto your forehead, nose, chin and cheeks and blend outwards into the neck and hairline.

If you still need a little help with the sunkissed look, sweep some more colour onto cheekbones and decolletage.

Holly's full brows are achieved by brushing through and up with Laura Mercier's brow groomer. Then fill in and emphasize your own natural brows.

For smoky eyes, load up the shadow brush with Urban Decay Busted shade. Apply the lighter colour first, followed by the darker colour halfway along the eyelid towards the outer corner of the eye. 

Then, rim the inner eye with black waterproof liner. Take it along the roots of the lashes and use a smudger to blend. Brush the lashes through with a double coat of mascara.

Finish off with glossy lips. Try Clinique's Plump and Shine violet gloss.


For camera ready hair I suggest to wash it twice with shampoo. 

Comb through the Prime and Polemist treatment. Rinse until the water runs out.

Apply Lancer Healing Oil from mid length to end. This creates shine and protects from the heat of appliances. Blast the hair with the nozzle of the hairdryer pointing down the hair shaft.

Using large velcro rollers, take four to five sections of hair on the top of the head and roll and spritz with hairspray.

Backcomb the roots of the remaining hair.

Using a Yogi hair tong wrap 4cm wide sections of hair around and repeat until hair is tousled. Remove the velcro rollers, take a comb and create a left side parting.

Tuck the left side behind left ear and comb the right side back and let it fall onto the opposite side. Spritz with finishing spray."

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