Top beauty blunders: Heavy eyebrows take worst make-up mistake crown

We're all guilty of making a beauty faux pas every now and again, especially if you go back in time through the family photo album.

But what is the most offensive make-up mistake to make?

According to a new study of 2,000 UK women, the worst beauty blunder is going overboard with the eyebrow pencil.



Heavily stencilled-in brows, a craze championed by celebrities including Coleen Rooney and the TOWIE cast, came out on top of the list.

It managed to triumph over over-plucking and monobrows in the eyebrow department.

Voted second in make-up mishaps was foundation marks around the chin line, followed by surgically-enhanced lips.

Others, in the poll by Superdrug, included too much make-up, clumpy mascara, lipstick on teeth, too much blusher and bad roots.

"Make-up comes down to personal preference and whether you favour thick or thin eyebrows or dark or pale lipstick, it's your choice," said Sarah Wolverson, from Superdrug.

"We are all guilty of making some of these mistakes at some time in our lives whether it's being overzealous with a pair of tweezers, forgetting to blend make-up properly or smiling with lipstick on our teeth.

"Many of the blunders in this poll are genuine mistakes and could be a result of something simple like bad lighting."

Take note, ladies!