Six of the best: Concealers

From teenage spots, discolouration or those dark under-eye circles that give that late nights away, a good concealer can do wonders for those who want a bit of extra coverage in their usual make-up routine.

Click on the photo below to view our pick of six of the best concealers on the market or scroll down for our top tips for applying cover-up correctly.




Do pick the right colour. Many brands such as Bobbi Brown have an extensive colour spectrum to suit all skin colours. You also want to choose a formula which is yellow based to erase pigmentation or green-based to counter-balance the redness angry looking spots.

Do use illuminating concealers under your eyes. These usually come in the form of concealer pens and are great for balancing out the bluish-grey quality of under-eye bags to help you look more awake.

Don’t use concealer pens for spots. While the light reflecting-properties will simply highlight irritated and sensitive blemishes rather than conceal them.

Do keep a spare concealer in your handbag. Of all the make-up products to keep at hand, a quick touch up of concealer on the areas you need it most will keep you looking fresh-faced and awake.

Don’t apply too close to the waterline of your eyelashes. When concealing under-eye darkness make sure not to apply too much product the lashes as this will close-up the eye area making it look smaller.

Don't cover up freckles. Professional make-up artists are trying to mimic freckles for the key catwalk looks this summer season so, if you have them naturally, flaunt them.

Do leave some skin uncovered. While it’s tempting to banish all of your blemishes, by leaving some areas and imperfection untouched, this will maintain your skin’s natural texture and prevent it from like a mask