How to avoid common beauty mistakes

We're all guilty of the occasional beauty blunder but some common mistakes are easy to avoid – two celebrity make-up artists tell us how.

1. Too much blusher – "The best way to apply blusher is to make sure you have a good quality brush," says Cinta London, one of the leading names in the beauty industry. "Sable hair blend brushes glide across your cheeks and distribute the blusher evenly. Also, remember it's easier to build up colour than take it off, so start off lightly!"



2. Heavy eyebrows – We all want big eyebrows à la Cara Delevingne, but it's important not to go too far. "A small angled brush and an eyeshadow which matches your natural hair colour are the best tools to ensure you don't go too heavy," says Cinta. "For any gaps in your eyebrows, brows should be filled in with soft strokes to resemble single strands of hair, rather than with thick, heavy lines."

3. Smudged mascara – To avoid smudged mascara you should "clean your wand on tissue before applying," says Natalya Nair, a make-up artist on The X Factor. If it's too late, the best solution is to "wet a cotton bud with make-up remover and apply it softly on the smudged zone."

4. Lipstick on the teeth – Place a finger inside your mouth when you have finished applying lipstick and pull it out slowly – this gets all the excess lipstick on your finger, not your teeth," she says.

5. Covering spots – "Look for products with a matte finish," Natalya says. "Sheen will only highlights the spots. Laura Mercier do a Complete Coverage concealer which makes spots disappear."